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Zoom-alike Meeting, Sharing, Learning

Meet. Share. Learn. Quickly. Easily. Securely. Access control to protect and monetize videos, files, content. Zoomalike. Contact us.

SEO Maximization: Personally tuned. Constantly curated. Impactfully optimized. AI-infused automation of content and presentation.

Google boasts of adjusting its algorithms over 3,000 times yearly, or more than 8 times daily. Many who consider SEO a do-once or adapt once-in-a-while kind of thing are prone to being surpassed by even meager ranking campaigns. Everyone needs help on this ongoing treadmill. Let us machine your website to help automate as much as possible, reducing the cost, time-suck and fret while maximizing the impact and positive returns to your bottom-line. Contact us.

Online Appointment Scheduling System

Let your customers schedule reservations and appointments online. Optional follow-up via email and/or SMS text messaging. Changes, updates, rescheduling capabilities; standalone and/or integrable with existing systems. Contact us.

Reliable Data Backup That Reliably Works Every Time Reliably

Maybe you think the 'worst thing' is when your data was supposed to have been backed-up but it really wasn't; actually, the worst thing is when your data is backed-up but you are unable to recover it from the back-up(s). Data loss of terabytes -- on scale of multiple human-lifetimes -- will be life-altering. So you can sleep at night (or maybe even during the day), we offer several solid schemes that can be checked instantly and/or automatically monitored and verified. Reliable. Verifiable. Reliable. Instantly recoverable. Reliable. Perfection in backup, finally. On-premises, removable, remote, and various 'cloud' mechanisms available. Contact us.

Online Ticketing System

Let your customers prepay online, buying tickets to your events. Tickets may be delivered via PDF, printed by customer, verified by your staff on a secure website accessed via their mobile devices. Make short, quick, accurate work of the entire cycle. Stand-alone and/or integrable with existing systems. Contact us.

Alarm System Integration that Alerts You First

Your existing alarm system remains untouched, operates as-is. Ours piggybacks and, upon alarm, instantly alerts you and any number of others via email and SMS text messages, allowing response even before the alarm company makes its first verification call to premises. Know and respond well before authorities are dispatched. Temperature, humidity, water, power logging and alerting available. Camera integration available, including reliable roll-over recording. Contact us.

Site + Shipping + Product Label Integration

Someone orders from your website. An invoice fires off, payment is automatically charged, and your label printer emits a shipping label plus a product label with (old or new 2021) FDA Nutrition Facts, UPC and SKU barcodes, plus per-piece serial number and re-order discount/coupon-code, allowing true "tracking of lead source" in your system along with all manner of flexible extensibility. Increasing fine-grained features whilst vaniquishing several manual time-gobblers -- that is technological prowess applied to your benefit. Contact us.

Custom Coupon Integration

Retain customers with promotions and discounts. Print unique Coupon Codes for receipts, info- and business cards. Codes integrate with your website / online store, delivery or other systems and services. Contact us.

Building / Tenant Management System

Security, access control. HVAC. Cameras/recording. Alarm systems, systems- and device-level monitoring/alerting. Power/temperature/access logging. SMS + email notifications. VoIP telephony. Networking. Comprehensive integration, control. Invoicing, tracking, billing, online payment portal. Contact us.

Mobile Ordering & Online Payments

"Contactless" transactions. Accept orders and take payments online. Today. Contact us.

e-Requirements for .gov and .mil Suppliers

Secure Invoice Portal. cXML/EDI platform for sending/receiving Purchase Orders. PunchOut-capable procurement and ordering processes. Contact us.

Online Catalog and Wholesale Systems

Show some of your offerings to anyone and more specifics to a select fewer members or accounts. Inventory control, wholesale ordering and other comprehensive capabilities are available. Contact us.

Ads No More

Zero ads. Zero pop-ups. Huge time-suck, gone. -- Vanquish from your network popups and all other ads, silently, perfectly, without consequences. Enjoy glorious web browsing with whopping speed increase that is immediately addictive. Easily switch ads back on as you like. Huge time boost. Contact us.

Wordier Press . Com

Faster. More secure. Price-matched. -- We match price, storage and transfer but give 2x to 100x speed increase, tighter security and more. Most WordPress pages take 'too long' to load and repel customers. Let us give you blink-fast page loads and stone-solid security. Contact us.

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